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ρℓєαѕє яєgιѕтєя тσ gєт ƒυℓℓ α¢¢єѕѕ αη∂ ∂σωηℓσα∂ ѕтυƒƒ . σηℓү яεgιsтεяε∂ мεмвεя αℓℓσωε∂ vιεω sρεcιαℓ zσηε αη∂ ∂σωηℓσα∂ sтυғғ.

тнαηк уσυ

вαℓυ кяιsнηα !
 Server: trusted sever bot online and learn stoped flood member  Untitl10
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 Server: trusted sever bot online and learn stoped flood member  Empty Server: trusted sever bot online and learn stoped flood member

on Sat Dec 31, 2016 5:48 pm






may lot of chat room owners have problem with member flood in thier chat room,Now i tell u this method to stop member flood.

METHOD 1 : put xio server bot one id Ex: xio.id1@n.c as owner add your admins using command addpa@admin1,addpa@admin2 , [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] when using this commands user only get admins when they enter the chat room only.when they left room they are as become member onlly .

METHOD 2: put xio server bot id Ex: xio.id1@n.c  as owner and add your admins using command addpa@admin1 ,addpa@admin2 , [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] . when added all admins afterthat u want make xio.id1@n.c as a admin. Now bot will make users as moderator when addpa@ admins enter the chat room. we know moderator cant make member in chat room:D as well as cant use flood tool to make member.when they left room they are as become member onlly .

              put one xbot and make access to moderator only moderator can make kick, ban using xbot only:D same time make one xio bot as owner to stop captcha flood using command amo@on auto member only mod.

          still have moderator can misuse your xbot using xbot commands like as ab@on-autoban am@on .quit ,mems@id1 id2 id3 id4.etc JUST ADD MY iran,gfg@n.c(use command ar@on) bot to avoid this misusing xbot:D. login your xbot in android and make disable pvt chat .if u make pvt disable anybody cant use xbot commands in chatroom xbot pvt:D

            Enjoy chat.......

Note: Dont forgot if u use METHOD 2 ADD my gfg bot and use command ar@on-auto reply on.
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